In data centres across the world, servers are stored in racks and cooled by air to keep them from overheating. Typically, these air-based solutions require large set-up costs, because it’s necessary to have raised floors and enormous amounts of space reserved for the cooling systems and their generators. However, despite the amount of power fed into this system, Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) rarely dips below 1.8, circulation remains uneven and inefficient with “hot spots” developing on occasion, and dangerous particulates are distributed through this high-turbulence environment.

Introducing Server Immersion Cooling

Server Immersion Cooling is the future of green data centres.

With this technology, servers are submerged in thermally conductive, dielectric liquid, which provides a 45% greater energy efficiency than that of air cooling. The capital investment is substantially reduced because servers no longer require the passage of air across them, and the environment is much quieter.

Immersion cooling offers significant benefits in three key areas:

  • Financial
  • Efficiency
  • Logistics

With our unique SI Cooling solution, your work environment will be much quieter, as there will be no more loud, power-consuming air cooling units or fans. Your server’s density will be higher for the same power consumption, with faster servers that operate cooler within an even heat distribution. Your servers will experience lower fail rates, since they are immersed in coolant will be protected from over heating, moisture, oxidation and dust.

The SI Cooling solution more effectively transfers the heat from the computing system, resulting in a lower chip temperature and no more “hot spots.” A PUE of 1.06 will be achieved regularly. The lower energy required to cool the environment, coupled with the lower temperature of the servers and the greatly reduced fail rates, means most users will see their ROI achieved within one year.



Comprehensive, customised solutions based on your requirements. We design the system from top to bottom with your needs in mind, for maximum results.


Our expert technicians and engineers build the immersion cooling hardware to spec based on your server and data centre needs, anticipating all aspects of the construction process.


Whether yours is a Turn Key or custom cooling solution, our experienced team of engineers and technicians will install and totally implement the system.


We offer ongoing monitoring and support for our custom of Turn Key solutions, with dedicated staff on hand capable of resolving any issues that may arise.



Save Energy

Save up to 45% off your data centre power bill.

save money

Efficient Cooling

Outstrip all air-based cooling methods with a PUE of <1.06.

all hardware

Standard Hardware

There’s no need for any special hardware with the SI Cooling System. We support all types of 19” rack mount hardware.

save space

Save Space

With no more need for large air-cooling HVAC systems, you’ll have more space for more servers.

save money


Because of the efficiency of the SI Cooling System, you’ll see a return on your investment within a single year.

custom solutions

Turn Key Solutions

We offer customised or turn key solutions, to get your centre up and running quickly.


Turn Key Solutions

We offer a ready-to-go, all-inclusive solution for your DC requirements. From the total design and build of the hardware, the baths, liquids, and all equipment needed to installation, customer support, and ongoing maintenance, SI Cooling is there to deliver your server needs.

Custom Solutions

In addition to the comprehensive Turn Key solutions offered by SI Cooling, we also offer specialised solutions based on your particular needs. Get in touch today to find out how our team of experts can address your technical requirements.

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