For businesses in competitive industry where IT expansion needs to quick, building large traditional data centers can be a challenge. A solution to this necessity is to have a modular data center that can be deployed within a few days.

Containerized Data Center

Modular data center systems consist of customised and planned components such as network connections, storage, servers, power, monitoring, fire detection, software, security, a cooling facility and everything that is needed in a traditional data centre. SI systems provides the Modular data center fabricated into a 20ft container. The portable unit is assembled and tested prior to shipping and is ready to be commissioned when it arrives, the mobility allows it to be used in almost any location. Due to its design it is especially ideal for remote or temporary locations.

The Modular data center is scalable as needed by adding in more prefabricated components to allow capacity expansion. The design is uniquely customised to be a performance optimization data center (POD).

SI systems provides full turnkey solution and ongoing support for clients. The components are designed in compatibility with to achieve better results and their performance is monitored. This gives you greater confidence in your data center to deliver the outcomes you desire.




The modular data center can be shipped to any site for addition or integration to an existing data center. The units can also be combined to form a single larger data center system.

save money

Turnkey Solutions

The modular data centre is built with your customised requirements, pre-assembled and tested and is immediately ready for use upon arrival on site.

all hardware

Energy efficiency

The SI containerised data centers have been designed to be energy efficient.

save space

Save Space

The Modular data center takes much less space and is easily scalable. It can be placed in a remote site thus saving on real estate cost.

save money

Cost benefit

The entire unit comes pre-built, assembly, compatibility, testing and configuration is taken care of by SI Systems which means low deployment cost.

custom solutions

Fully managed datacentre support

SI systems provides support for the modular data center, one stop support for your maintenance requirements.

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